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Ideas of how to make original bouquets by wrapping them with papers

A beautiful and different way to make your floral arrangement is wrapping your bouquets and plants with papers, here you have a thousand and one ideas of how to make original bouquets. 

A selection with ideas for all types of decorations, from minimalist floral arrangements for Nordic or industrial styles with masculine touches to more classic or feminine compositions for more rustic or vintage homes. 

if until now the paper was used only to wrap the flowers until you get home, now the craft paper has become the star of the composition, although all types of paper can be used for this task. Choose the right one according to the look you are looking for, for vintage industrial or rustic styles, use recycled newspaper or typography papers is perfect and for Nordic and classic decorations the craft paper or white silk is perfect. 

Nordic with a touch of bright color simple and monovarietal compositions with a touch of vivid and bright color, also serves to wrap the pot to put a plant. 

Photographs by Ciara Richardson and Tina Brok Hansen Photography.

Industrial Rustic Style 

This style with a decadent and Victorian touch where you mix old or recycled pieces, is of all styles where you can make some more complex flower bouquets, where you can mix varieties of flowers and colors. 

To create the arrangement, use the objects around you and finish the composition by making a still life with antiques and decorative pieces, photographs, jewels... patchwork photographs Harmony, Minato and I do not want Realism. 

Classic Style

For the classic style use flowers in white or pink shades wrapped in craft paper, the start slower is the tulip, although any flower can serve, create your compositions of a single color but mix different types of flowers, add a ribbon. 

Photographs by Lisa Warninger, Chelsea Fuss, Tokketok and Mo + Mo living Photos.

Chic with Moles

It is the most colorful style of all, has a graphic touch and at the same time very feminine, use a quality paper that you want white printed with moles of the size and color you want. combine it with the color of the flower. If you make an arrangement with different varieties of flowers that is monochromatic but complements the color of the moles. 

Photographs by Uguisu, piece of Cake Peace of Mind and Frolic. 

Vintage Rustic Style

Just like the classic style, it uses soft and feminine colors, whites, creams, roses, and lavenders, but this time you can cover the arrangement, mix different varieties of flowers and use wild, small and simple flowers, you will find more ideas in Ramos de Wild Flowers, 

Photographs by Idemakeriet, Mariaemb, Annixen, My Color blue and Frolic. As we have seen on other occasions in new trends in floral art and recycle you old pots, 10 ideas to give life to the garden, recycling is one more tool to decorate and in this particular case to make our flower arrangements. You can use from pieces that until now we classified as disposable, tomato jars, containers of all kinds to old pieces that by customising them we give them a second life, the result is always beautiful.